GB 2760-2024 National food safety standard for uses of food additives 
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The "National food safety standard Standard for uses of food additives" (GB 2760-2024) will be implemented on February 8, 2025. The query results in this database are for reference only., For the determination of the scope and amount of use of food additives, please refer to GB 2760-2024No.8 of 2023No.10 of 2023No.2 of 2024.

Food Additive: An artificially chemosynthetic or natural substance to be added to foods in order to improve food quality, color, aroma and taste, and for the purpose of preservation and processing. Flavoring substances, gum-based substances in the gum-base candies, processing aids in food industry and nutrition fortification substances are also food additives.[Click to view] Appendix D Definition of food additive’s function categories

1 Principles for use of food additives
1.1 Food additives shall be used following the basic requirements below:

a) Not to harm human health in any form;

b) Not to cover up putrefied and deteriorated foods;

c) Not to conceal quality defects of food itself during the processing, or for the purpose of adulteration and counterfeiting;

d) Not to reduce the nutrition value of food;

e) To reduce the level of use in foods as much as possible on the precondition of reaching anticipated results.

1.2 Food additives could be use in the following circumstances:

a) To keep or improve the nutrition value of food itself;

b) To serve as essential ingredients or components in some special dietary foods;

c) To improve the quality and stability of food, as well as its sensory properties;

d) To facilitate production, processing, packaging, transport or storage of foods.

1.3 Quality standards of food additives

Food additives used in accordance with this standard shall comply with corresponding quality standards.

1.4 Carry-over of principles

1.4.1 In the following circumstances, food additives can be introduced into foods through food ingredients (including food additives):

a) The additive is permitted to be uses in the food ingredients according to this standard;

b) The amount of the additive used in the ingredients does not exceed the maximum use level;

c) The food additive shall be used under proper production technique conditions, and the quantity of the ingredient in the food shall not be exceed the level that would be introduced by the use of ingredients;

d) The level of the additive carried over by the ingredients shall be much lower than the level by directly adding the food additive into the food.

1.4.2 An additive can be used in an ingredient used to produce a specific final product, and the food additive is permitted in the specific final product; level of the food additive in the finished food product shall conform with this standard. Label of the ingredient shall clearly indicate that the ingredient is used for production of the specific food.

2 Provisions for the use of food additives
2.1 Table A.1 provides the permitted food additives in different food categories, the scope of use, and the maximum use level or the maximum residue level.
2.2 Table A.2 provides the food categories corresponding to food numberings with exceptions in the Table A.1.
2.3 Food additives in the Table A.1 shall be used in accordance with provided scope and maximum use level. When a food additive is permitted to be used in a food category, it is permitted to be use in foods in all its sub-categories, unless otherwise provided. When the maximum use level of a food additive in the subordinate category differs from the level of the same additive in the upper-level food category, the level in the subordinate level shall be followed.
2.4 In the Table A.1, when food additives with the same function and with values of the maximum use level (only limit to coloring agents of the same color, preservatives and antioxidants) are mixed and used, the sum of percentages of the food additive to the maximum use level shall not exceed 1.
2.5 Table A.1 does not include provisions for food flavoring substances and for food additives used as food industry processing aids.
2.6 The “function” item in the afore-mentioned tables are the main functions of the additive for reference in use.
3 Principles for the use of food processing aids
3.1 Processing aids shall be used in the course of food processing if a processing necessity and shall reduce the dosage as far as possible under the precondition of reaching the desired effect.
3.2 Processing aids shall be removed before the food processing is finalized; if impossible to remove it completely, residue shall be minimized and residue shall not have an adverse effect on health; (processing aid) shall not function in final products.
3.3 Processing aid shall meet relevant quality and specification requirements.
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